Innovate. Scale. Repeat.

The MitchelLake Group is one of the world’s leading talent acquisition and advisory
firms. We exist to help entrepreneurs scale, and businesses of scale innovate.

Inspired by a boom and forged in a bust we were as certain in 2001 as we are now,
that we are experiencing an unprecedented acceleration of technology-driven change.

Nearly two decades on we have operations, partners and networks spanning four
continents. From start-ups and fast growth ventures, to the digital transformation of
entire industries, we deliver global executive search and talent solutions to the
organisations that are re-imagining the way we live, work and play.

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Our leadership team draw inspiration from the progressive ideas, innovative
organisations and talented people they encounter every day.

Phaedon Stough

Phaedon Stough

Phaedon is the Co-Founder and Group CEO of MLG. He has over 15 years of tech-centric international executive search experience across a range of clients from global enterprise to seed funded startups.

Phaedon works across all offices and is focused on the group driving strategy, business development and product development.

Jon Tanner

Jon Tanner

Jon is co-founder of the MitchelLake Group and has been advising startup, growth and enterprise clients on talent acquisition for the best part of two decades.

Specialising in market entry, scale up and digital transformation, Jon has overseen executive search and growth strategy for hundreds of ventures in banking, travel, retail, gaming, communications, media and entertainment. Jon works and travels extensively across all major hubs and is based in our Singapore office.

Michael Piacente

Michael Piacente

With over 20 years of combined technology practitioner and talent management experience, Michael is responsible for leading, growing, and expanding MLG's US operation. 

Michael has been responsible forbuilding and driving growth for executive search practices and managed services organizations. Michael's specific focus is in the area of Technical Operations, Engineering, and Security.

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MitchelLake operations now span seven cities over four
continents, and we’re looking for high performing people to
join our team — and continue our extraordinary growth
whilst having some great fun along the way.

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The Mitchellake Group board includes two
non-executive directors in an advisory role.

Brett Alston

Brett Alston was born in Perth, Australia, but grew up in the United Kingdom. He was an IT consultant for the government of Australia during the 1990s and subsequently went on to work within Visio's Europe, Middle East and Africa IT operations. He was also the Director of Worldwide Sales and Marketing Operations for Microsoft.

Brett co-founded Revel Consulting and led a three-year growth rate of 3,500% prior to successfully selling his equity interest in the company.

Mark Chote

Mark Chote  has 27 years recruitment industry experience. He has founded, led and built technology recruitment firms in NZ & Australia and has taken them through to exit.

Mark has also served on the board of a large Multi-National PLC and he continues to invest in and advise technology led, fast growing recruitment businesses with an international footprint of interests.