MitchelLake Quarterly Placements Update Q3 2019

By Theodora Burgess

Over the past few months, MitchelLake has connected some of the world's brightest minds with some of the most exciting and fastest-growing companies.

We have partnered with Founders, CEOs and Board Members to pitch their companies to our strong global network of leaders and approach new ones in areas such as Computer Vision and Distributed Energy.


Longtail UX | VP Sales, Americas
Jamie Kanter
June 2019

The Athletic | Sr Director of Data Analytics
Chloe Liu
July 2019

Everguard (AI joint venture backed by one of the world’s leading startup incubation firms and a global industrials conglomerate) | CEO
Sandeep Pandya
August 2019


IR (Integrated Research) | Head of Europe
Frank Hoekstra
May 2019

Emirates | Head of Product and UX
Duncan Smith
September 2019


Legal Gateway Pty Ltd | CTO
Rick Frankel
May 2019

Hireup Pty Ltd | COO
Sonia Flynn
June 2019

Fergus | CEO
David Holmes
June 2019

RateMyAgent | Head of Marketing
Emma Nguyen
July 2019


iMoney Group | CMO
Melissa Chan
March 2019

Accor Plus (Stealth Venture) to VP Sales & Partnerships | Head of Business Development
Liam Wholey
March 2019

LivePerson | Regional Sales Director
Wee Lee Tim
July 2019

BCG Platinion | Managing Director, ASEAN
Alain Schneuwly
January 2019

If you are looking to have someone in place for the start of 2020, now is the time to start your search. Please reach out to us at any time if you’d like our support on any of your key hires.