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I was lucky enough to attend Work Life X conference in Greenfields Melbourne last week, and this wasn't your everyday business conference. This was a conference exploring the future of the workplace, covering concepts such as finding your purpose; humanising work; digital nutrition; wellbeing; employee engagement; leadership; productivity and being more conscious/ intentional in work and in life.

Speakers included leaders from Slack, Deloitte, Pwc and Vinomofo to name a few, as well as the Work Life X team Kate and Kate who proved to be fantastic speakers as well as hosts. The venue was beautiful, green and light-filled, and the talks were engaging as well as thought-provoking. You really had to be there, but hopefully my takeaways are the next best thing:

Australia's technology scene is growing rapidly, and local startup accelerators like Startmate are recognising the opportunity for budding tech Founders. However as technical skills, on the whole, remain in short supply in Australia; many of the companies we partner with require us to hunt for people globally in order to scale their teams effectively. We regularly source and place candidates from tech-hubs such as Silicon Valley, New York, Berlin, London and Dublin into new and exciting businesses in Sydney and Melbourne.

As the first point of contact many of these expats have with someone in Australia, we often get asked about the local culture. Here at Mitchellake we take such enquiries very seriously, and therefore our resident foodies (the Melbourne office, of course) have huddled together to come up with six of the best eateries, drinkeries and things to do in the culinary capital. Enjoy!