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You would have to be living under a rock in Sydney to miss the rumblings that a few digital consumer banks are on the way in Australia. Xinja just this week announced their entrance loudly to the market through their raise via Equitise. A new way to bank is coming to Australia. So when I recently travelled back to the UK I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to sit down with one of the pioneers of New-age banking - Anne Boden. Anne is the CEO of Starling Bank the UK’s first ever “NeoBank” to provide a Current Account. Through our conversation we were able to discuss the creation of how NeoBanks came to be, why Anne decided to “just build a bank” and some great lessons along the way for future bank builders in Australia.

FinTech Interviews: Proviso


Last week I sat down with Luke Howes, serial entrepreneur and notably, CEO of Proviso. Proviso is now a staple of the FinTech ecosystem in Australia; from a consumer perspective perhaps one of those businesses you’ve not heard of but had a massive impact on your life, and from a client perspective, one of the most important tools for accessing customer data to improve the quality and speed of lending. Either way, Proviso has an awesome impact on Financial Services business across Australia. But that’s enough from me, let’s hear hear what Luke has to say about building this Adelaide-based FinTech business.

Last week i had the pleasure of sitting down with Charlotte Petris, Founder and CEO of Timelio - the extremely successful invoice and supply chain finance marketplace. I was delighted to learn the reason that Charlotte was (very apologetically) late for our interview was that she was on a call with an SME customer who was talking her through their challenges. As we will come to see, this transparency and genuine care for customer is what really sets Timelio apart.

But don’t take that from me - let’s hear what Charlotte has to say:

Launching earlier this year, EduGrowth caught our attention with this decisive and ambitious mission: 100 million students educated globally per annum, through Australian education by 2025. EduGrowth realises Australia has the expertise, drive and collective vision to be a top-five country globally in borderless education, and they’re working with more than 200 Australian Education companies to revolutionise education as we know it, in order to ready us for a rapidly changing world.

FinTech Event, Sydney

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of attending my first FinTech meetup since arriving in Sydney, entitled, ‘Disintermediation & diversification: How will FinTech impact finance brokers?’. Hosting the discussion was Glen Frost, joined by David Jackson, CEO of FundX, Vincent Turner, CEO of uno Home Loans, and Peter White, CEO of Finance Brokers Association of Australia.