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In the ever-growing and unrelenting hustle of work and life, it is more important than ever to work on the tools required to cope with stress and build mindfulness into our lives. In our line of work we come across a number of health technology products and solutions that exist to solve this problem, the most impressive to date we feel is Smiling Mind which is why we are incredibly excited to be partnering with them in a pro-bono capacity to find their next product owner.

There aren’t many startups or household-name tech companies that Susan Wu hasn’t touched. Splitting her time between Australia and California, Susan modestly describes herself as a hacker, entrepreneur and investor. In reality, she’s been a cornerstone of the open source and online gaming community since 1992.

How are we doing as people? If you took everything you know about the world, past and present, and rated us out of 10, how would humanity stack up?

This was the question that FutureCrunch Founders Angus Hervey and Tane Hunter asked the audience to answer in the opening presentation at Melbourne’s renowned Future Assembly event last Friday. MitchelLake’s very own Annie Denton and Nick Krekis both gave the human race moderately pessimistic scores of four and five, which were fairly consistent with the rest of the crowd. Like all good scientists, Angus and Tane let the facts paint a much more positive picture. Thanks to science and technology, the very things that this festival sets out to celebrate, humans are actually doing better now than they ever have before. The Melbourne-based think-tank acknowledges that we still have a host of challenges that threaten our progress, but that ideas and innovation have uplifted us enough to make 2014 statistically our “best year ever.”