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Here at the MitchelLake Group we work with a lot of hi-tech startups. We love helping innovative people bring great ideas to life by matching them with other intelligent, innovative people. It’s just what we do.

In the course of working with a great many startups over the years, we have seen the full gamut of approaches to hiring from the good to the bad to the downright ugly. So much so that we could probably publish a list of the top 47 things people do wrong (or right for that matter) when hiring. But since you’re not going to read through a list of 47, I thought I’d highlight a much shorter list of the major mistakes we see startup hiring managers making time and time again. So here are the 4.5 mistakes that many hiring managers are making. Chances are you are doing or have done at least one of these.

I first heard about the ‘Best In First Out’ philosophy while researching a presentation I recently conducted on sourcing. I found the concept interesting and thought it could benefit my peers, but as it was a little off topic so I decided it didn’t quite fit my presentation. I now have this platform to discuss my findings and thoughts on the concept

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Prior to joining MitchelLake, my recruitment days were effectively over. Disillusioned, bored and frustrated with an industry blighted with negative experiences and low-quality transactional relationships, I was on the market and looking for more. That’s when I was introduced to MitchelLake and told they were different. “Here we go again” I thought, expecting another ‘Digital’ recruitment business to tell me how they were different.

There aren’t many startups or household-name tech companies that Susan Wu hasn’t touched. Splitting her time between Australia and California, Susan modestly describes herself as a hacker, entrepreneur and investor. In reality, she’s been a cornerstone of the open source and online gaming community since 1992.

As an Australian-owned company that now reaches across four continents, MitchelLake is proud of its roots Down Under, and excited by the talent we’ve seen come out of Australia. We’re inspired by local innovators and are continually looking for ways to boost recognition of innovation that is being created right here in Australia via our international networks and operations.

If you’re a VP, you’ve got enough on your plate to spend sweating the small stuff that others in your position have already solved. Right? Yet time and time again we see closed-up competitive industries leading people to continually reinvent the wheel. So it’s a nice change when you see something bucking the trend.