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The buzzword startup attracts two types of candidates. Those that are fresh from school, and those that are senior employees from corporations who are looking for a mid-career change. Those who have made the switch have spoken about the differences between working in a corporate organization and a startup. I myself took a leap of faith to move from a multinational search firm to MitchelLake, a company that displays all the positives of a startup, despite its 15-year history. I have advised many candidates to move from corporations to startups too, and for the vast majority it has been a great and rewarding change.

Last month Tech In Asia held their biggest, and many said best, annual conference in Singapore. In the event’s 4-year history it was my first time attending. It started with 800 participants but has grown to over 2000 delegates, reconfirming the startup growth we are experiencing in the region. Showcasing over 200 startups in 2 days, I began the conference in a super long queue just to collect my entry badge, and with the coffee line equally as long I prepared for a busy couple of days!