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Having moved no less than 10,541 miles across the world and essentially starting over, I often question whether I have gotten far enough in my life and in my career. Don't get me wrong, I love my job and I'd consider moving to Melbourne one of best decisions I've ever made, but it does get me thinking. One of my colleagues quite rightly pointed out that conversing with some of the smartest people in technology on a daily basis - from data-science wizards to AI enthusiasts, can also affect the ego with questions of why am I not that intelligent/ successful?

As the career landscape has changed, with employees no longer staying with one company for the bulk of their career, corporations have been turning to contract workers on a larger scale. Many Millennial tech employees spend the first years of their career purely in contract jobs that may last months or years. For many, it has become a way of life. The practice has not taken off with small business to the same degree, but there are reasons a small business shouldn’t ignore the concept of contract workers.

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Prior to joining MitchelLake, my recruitment days were effectively over. Disillusioned, bored and frustrated with an industry blighted with negative experiences and low-quality transactional relationships, I was on the market and looking for more. That’s when I was introduced to MitchelLake and told they were different. “Here we go again” I thought, expecting another ‘Digital’ recruitment business to tell me how they were different.