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I had the pleasure to sit down recently with Greg Russell, Head of Talent at Snapdocs. Greg will be leading the discussion on an upcoming workshop on how to build a world-class candidate experience, and graciously took the time to give us a little bit of insight on what to expect at the event and share some of his top tips that he’s learned in his tenure.

FinTech Interviews: Proviso


Last week I sat down with Luke Howes, serial entrepreneur and notably, CEO of Proviso. Proviso is now a staple of the FinTech ecosystem in Australia; from a consumer perspective perhaps one of those businesses you’ve not heard of but had a massive impact on your life, and from a client perspective, one of the most important tools for accessing customer data to improve the quality and speed of lending. Either way, Proviso has an awesome impact on Financial Services business across Australia. But that’s enough from me, let’s hear hear what Luke has to say about building this Adelaide-based FinTech business.

Last week i had the pleasure of sitting down with Charlotte Petris, Founder and CEO of Timelio - the extremely successful invoice and supply chain finance marketplace. I was delighted to learn the reason that Charlotte was (very apologetically) late for our interview was that she was on a call with an SME customer who was talking her through their challenges. As we will come to see, this transparency and genuine care for customer is what really sets Timelio apart.

But don’t take that from me - let’s hear what Charlotte has to say:

This week I had the absolute honour to speak with Chris Hadfield - a man who needs little introduction (but I will anyway). Chris is a man of many accolades, namely, the first Canadian to ever walk in space, and who famously sang David Bowie’s Space Oddity on the International Space Station, racking up over 4000 hours in space and 36 million youtube hits. More than just a mere Astronaut and Commander of the ISS, Chris is also a musician, writer, leadership coach, and had a previous life as a downhill ski racer, test pilot, fighter pilot and Director of Operations for NASA at Star City in Russia.

Interview by Kevin Griffiths
Words by Madeleine Gasparinatos

On a balmy May evening in Sydney, we meet with Mike Wyrzykowski. He has flown in from Texas that morning, had a handful of meetings and has now just returned from a quick ferry ride to Manly Beach. Mike is the CEO of DealerVu, a company he founded in 2002, and he’s just about to launch BlackPurl in partnership with BlackPurl aims to deliver a suite of simple to use, yet staggeringly powerful applications aimed to reinvent software available in the vehicle retail industry.

To build a great team, know yourself before you hire others

Recently MitchelLake and General Assembly Melbourne hosted Steve Hibberd, CEO and Co-Founder of Tiger Pistol along with our own Jonathan Jeffries to discuss building a startup team in the early stages.

Steve and JJ answered a number of questions including:

  • What are typically the first five hires a start-up should make and why?
  • What have been the biggest challenges you’ve faced when hiring?
  • What is the biggest misconception people have when looking to work for a start-up?
  • What are some of the limiting factors when it comes to finding people to join a startup business?
  • What makes people successful in a startup environment?

The key takeaways really centered around a major theme that Steve established, that of really knowing who you are as a founder or co-founder when it comes to what you are good at and what your limitations are. At times it seems like common sense but it is the starting place to determine what skill sets and personalities you need to look for when hiring to complement what you have.

Leading on from that another piece of insight delivered from both the panelists was around whether to hire contractors or not. Steve and JJ agreed that if you are looking for talent to work on what is the 'core' of your business it needs to be someone that will allow you to keep that knowledge in house rather than different people coming in and out of the business.

The final piece of advice that really hit home was related to the challenges faced by an early stage business when it comes to securing great talent against other organisations. Once again the key to this came back to knowing who you are and what you are trying to achieve with your business and idea. Having a clear vision and direction is paramount to gaining buy-in and pushing the right buttons to get people wanting to join you on that journey believe in what you are doing.

A big thanks to Steve and JJ along with General Assembly for the beers and space and of course all those that gave up their time to come along and spend time with us!

MitchelLake are proud to be partnering with General Assembly for this free Melbourne event on Thursday 9 October.

As a startup or small-business owner juggling priorities, it can be hard to focus on hiring and recruiting. In most cases making hiring a priority can be the most effective and efficient way of growing your business.

MitchelLake's Jonathan Jeffries will join Steve Hibberd, CEO of Tiger Pistol to break down the problem of sourcing, identifying, screening, interviewing, closing and hiring the first 5 employees for your business. The conversation will move from specific tactics that you can implement right away to increasing inbound candidate flow. They will discuss ways to engage and build a talent community and finish by reviewing the hiring road map to help you hire the right person on time and within budget.

We invite you to stick around for a beer and a chat as Jonathan and Steve will be there to share their extensive experience.

Sign up now and learn how to attract rockstars and A-Team players to join your startup or small business.

Thursday 9 October, 6-8pm
General Assembly Melbourne
Level 1, 20 Queen St
Melbourne, VIC 3000