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Having moved no less than 10,541 miles across the world and essentially starting over, I often question whether I have gotten far enough in my life and in my career. Don't get me wrong, I love my job and I'd consider moving to Melbourne one of best decisions I've ever made, but it does get me thinking. One of my colleagues quite rightly pointed out that conversing with some of the smartest people in technology on a daily basis - from data-science wizards to AI enthusiasts, can also affect the ego with questions of why am I not that intelligent/ successful?

“Mindfulness” isn’t just one of Mitchellake’s core values, but an integral part of our company culture and daily lives. It allows us to operate with positive intent, and show genuine empathy to our clients, candidates, and colleagues. It allows us to show up, be truly present, and make the biggest impact. Being in tune with ourselves as well as our network, we continue to be driven by purpose and focus on being transformational rather than transactional.

In the ever-growing and unrelenting hustle of work and life, it is more important than ever to work on the tools required to cope with stress and build mindfulness into our lives. In our line of work we come across a number of health technology products and solutions that exist to solve this problem, the most impressive to date we feel is Smiling Mind which is why we are incredibly excited to be partnering with them in a pro-bono capacity to find their next product owner.