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Lisbon has been the most livable country thus far on my Remote Year journey. There are so many parallels to San Francisco, the city that I call home. I like to call Lisbon “The city by the river”, I was fortunate to live close to the water and had views of Lisbon’s own Golden Gate Bridge. The vibes are happy and relaxed like many other countries along the Iberian Peninsula, but there is also a bustling start-up scene.

As an Australian-owned company that now reaches across four continents, MitchelLake is proud of its roots Down Under, and excited by the talent we’ve seen come out of Australia. We’re inspired by local innovators and are continually looking for ways to boost recognition of innovation that is being created right here in Australia via our international networks and operations.

After reading that headline, you're probably thinking, "I'm tired of hearing all of the noise about Silicon Valley and what they've done with the tech industry." I’m sure if you hear about the next thing they’re innovating, you’re going to lose it... But, before you do that, let’s take a minute to ask what everyone is already thinking: “What’s the big deal about Silicon Valley anyway?”