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I was lucky enough to attend Work Life X conference in Greenfields Melbourne last week, and this wasn't your everyday business conference. This was a conference exploring the future of the workplace, covering concepts such as finding your purpose; humanising work; digital nutrition; wellbeing; employee engagement; leadership; productivity and being more conscious/ intentional in work and in life.

Speakers included leaders from Slack, Deloitte, Pwc and Vinomofo to name a few, as well as the Work Life X team Kate and Kate who proved to be fantastic speakers as well as hosts. The venue was beautiful, green and light-filled, and the talks were engaging as well as thought-provoking. You really had to be there, but hopefully my takeaways are the next best thing:

Some years ago I was dealing with a difficult situation, and one of our advisors offered me some sage advice; "Sometimes people outgrow companies, and sometimes companies outgrow people.”

Having moved no less than 10,541 miles across the world and essentially starting over, I often question whether I have gotten far enough in my life and in my career. Don't get me wrong, I love my job and I'd consider moving to Melbourne one of best decisions I've ever made, but it does get me thinking. One of my colleagues quite rightly pointed out that conversing with some of the smartest people in technology on a daily basis - from data-science wizards to AI enthusiasts, can also affect the ego with questions of why am I not that intelligent/ successful?

I had the pleasure to sit down recently with Greg Russell, Head of Talent at Snapdocs. Greg will be leading the discussion on an upcoming workshop on how to build a world-class candidate experience, and graciously took the time to give us a little bit of insight on what to expect at the event and share some of his top tips that he’s learned in his tenure.

I read so much about cryptocurrency. Especially for the past one year and its rise and fall; countries and central banks banning them and all the speculations around them, but amidst all this, there are bitcoin gurus who want to make cryptocurrency our day to day currency including Starbucks who sees its potential.