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Over the coming weeks, I will have the pleasure of sitting down with many of Australia’s leading FinTech CEOs. Each will be discussing the specific vertical of Financial Services they are looking at and share their insights.

For the first interview in this series, I sat down with the CEO of GROW Super, Josh Wilson, to discuss the stream of innovation that is occurring in the Superannuation vertical.

Over the past few months, I’ve found myself doing an increasing amount of interview coaching for candidates. Each one of these are individuals who I really rate, but for some reason they’ve been falling short at the final furlong in processes. Through this coaching, I’ve found myself giving the same advice so I thought it would be useful to put a number of the techniques people have found useful into a series of blogs.

Tequila Valley


Mexico City, or Ciudad de México, CDMX for short, is one of the largest cities in the world with over 22 million people and a lot of traffic. Over the past couple of decades the city has been going through major transitions and gentrification and today the city looks and feels modern and safe. This is especially true of the areas where I spent the majority of my time, Roma and Condesa, where most of the cities startups are located.

Lisbon has been the most livable country thus far on my Remote Year journey. There are so many parallels to San Francisco, the city that I call home. I like to call Lisbon “The city by the river”, I was fortunate to live close to the water and had views of Lisbon’s own Golden Gate Bridge. The vibes are happy and relaxed like many other countries along the Iberian Peninsula, but there is also a bustling start-up scene.

Over the past 3 months, one of the most watched sporting events has been unfolding in Europe without almost any reporting in Australia whatsoever (much to my frustration). This of course, has been the Rugby Union Six Nations - an annual tournament where the national rugby teams from England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, France and Ireland, square off in the ultimate of sporting battles. Much to my delight, England emerged victorious.

In the beginning

There I was, in Sussex, with an approved visa and my 3 bed semi expertly packed into a shipping container that would land in Sydney in 53 days. That hit me. 53 days is a long time, Sydney is far away. As the fumigation bomb went off inside the container, the ‘there's no going back now' thought went off in my head. The upcoming flight with two children under three was reminiscent of giving birth to my first; it took 30 hours, at points I thought I was going to die, but I made it through. And in this case the end result was landing at Sydney's Kingsford Smith.

At the start of 2017, one of my (many) resolutions was to get out and attend more networking/speaker events within my areas of interest - digital marketing, growth hacking, customer experience and UI/UX design. I had the best intentions in the world of following this through, however we have all been there - it comes to 6pm on Thursday night, you’re stuffed after a long week/day, feeling all of your thirty something years. The last thing you feel like doing is making small talk and forcing your brain to work one more time - it’s too easy to just go home, make dinner and chuck on a few Judge Judy repeats (don’t judge me - she is awesome).

Earlier this month, at a Frog Valley event, at Runway East in London, Thibaut Munier, COO Numberly shared his journey of creating, launching and IPO his business originally called 1000mercis, a data marketing, CRM and programmatic advertising company. He described his journey as being extremely focused and data driven.