Position: Independent Non-Executive Director
Company Size: 51-100 employees
Industry: Technology, Human Resources & Marketplace
Location: Australia & New Zealand

As an online platform, Hireup is built to revolutionise the way people with disability find, hire and manage support workers by harnessing technology and connecting people with shared interests, bringing the peer-to-peer economy to the Australian disability sector.


Hireup had experienced rapid growth over its last 18 months, expanding from 10 staff to over 100 HQ staff, and are poised to continue to scale significantly. As the Board evolved, it was trying to strike the right balance between the agility of a youthful, fast-growing company and the processes/procedures of effective governance.

As part of this evolution, the Board wanted to develop its technical understanding and expertise by appointing a new Non-executive Director as the community/sector representative on the Board, who could bring a perspective on the Australian disability sector, the Hireup product and community together to guide and inform the Board in its stewardship of the business.

The ideal candidate would be able to represent or support Hireup on a public stage by advocating Hireup’s unique approach and theory of change to the Hireup community, corporations, government and the disability sector broadly. The candidate should be familiar with the Hireup platform and how it works for people with disabilities, their families and support workers. Additionally, they should have some prior experience working on professional Boards.


  • Appointment of Independent Non-Executive Director
  • Time to Fill: 8-12 weeks

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