Household Capital

Household Capital
Position: Chief Marketing Officer
Company Size: 0 – 50 employees
Industry: Technology, Financial Services
Location: Australia

Founded in 2016, Household Capital provides long term funding to help Australian retirees to enjoy a retirement they deserve. Live Well at Home™. The company’s Household Loan product allows retirees to access the equity locked up in their home, so they can enjoy a comfortable retirement while still living at home. Household Capital is a responsible lender that takes a personalised approach to funding retirement and works hard to establish strong relationships with its customers, based on trust, respect and shared values.


Mitchellake as specialist executive recruiters in start-up and scale-ups were tasked to appoint Household Capital’s first Chief Marketing Officer for a long term engagement.

As an early-stage startup with its newly launched Household Loans product, the CMO would be responsible for the Go To Market Strategy, Brand formulation and executions, the budget and delivery of both digital and traditional tactics that aligned tightly to the mission, vision and company values.


The successful candidate ideally would come from a retirement income industry background who was passionate and had the values alignment to join a values-based business. To be successful in finding the right candidate, Mitchellake had to immerse itself in learning Household Capitals values and the retirement industry fundamentals to ensure they found the right candidate who would thrive and could hit the ground running.


  • Mitchell Lake Partner: Illona Vak
  • Appointment of CMO; ex-Superannuation Industry
  • Time to fill: 10 Weeks

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