Keep It Cleaner

keep it cleaner
Position: Chief Customer Officer
Company Size: 0 – 50 employees
Industry: Health & Wellness, Community, Tech
Location: Australia

Keep It Cleaner is a leading health, wellness and fitness app that delivers a holistic wellness program to your pocket. They offer a weekly planner, recipes and various wellness content everyday to suit their customer’s needs and be part of their customer’s changing lifestyle and personal life journey. KIC was co-founded by Steph Claire Smith & Laura Henshaw in 2017. What started out as a passion project, turned into an e-book and now an App, which you can download via Google Play, Apple Store and their website. KIC’s humble beginnings demonstrate how passionate and dedicated the co-founders are in the health and wellness space. 


Keep It Cleaner was looking to appoint a Chief Customer Officer to lead/ build a successful marketing function and brand which appealed to people wanting a healthy lifestyle.

As experts in hiring executive leadership roles for scaling startups, Mitchellake was tasked to recruit an experienced CMO with experience building GTM strategies, constructing product roadmaps, marketing strategically and leading new customer acquisition.

In order to yield a successful placement, ML marketed the role with a compelling story of being able to guide Keep It Cleaner through it’s next phase of growth, build a strong online community, work closely with inspirational founders and the ability to scale and grow the team!


  • Mitchellake Partner: Michael Solomo
  • Mitchellake R&D Team Member: Angela Borbe
  • Appointment of Chief Customer Officer; Client Facing & Agency Background
  • Time to fill: 10 – 12 Weeks

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