Michelle Bridges 12WBT

Position: Marketing Director
Company Size: 51-100 employees
Industry: Technology, Health & Fitness
Location: Australia & New Zealand

Started in 2009, 12WBT.com is an online health and fitness program with a significant subscriber base. They’re one of Australia’s online start-up success stories.


Build an elite, high performing, digitally centric marketing and product team.

12WBT experienced massive organic growth in early 2011. To cope with demand and delivery of content, they required in-house digital marketing and product teams to sustain and scale the business.

In order to deliver successfully, MitchelLake had to gain an in-depth understanding of 12WBT’s unique product and customer base. We had to find talent with a genuine passion for health and fitness as well as pure-play digital experience in a membership and loyalty driven environment.


  • Appointment of Marketing Director
  • Appointment of Head of Sponsorship
  • Appointment of Head of PR
  • Appointment of Head of Video
  • Appointment of Community Manager
  • Appointment of Content Manager
  • Appointment of UX Lead
  • Appointment of Executive Producer
  • Appointment of Online Producer
  • Appointment of Video Producer

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