Position: 360° Recruitment Solution
Company Size: 11-50 employees
Industry: Technology, Entertainment
Location: United States

TheBroth is a social games company located in San Francisco. You can find their games on Facebook and other social networks, such as Myspace, Hi5 and


This three-person social gaming startup needed to ramp up quickly to maintain their Facebook game in the top-10.

MitchelLake made 15 hires for in the first three months and 20 in the first six months. Hires included both a front end engineering team (AS3, Flash), a back end team (PHP, MySQL), a Senior Director of Engineering and a full Creative Team including Creative Director. None of these hires came through outside agencies.

MitchelLake also designed TheBroth’s hiring process from the ground up, including an employment brand and interview/selection framework.

Using a conservative 60% agency utilization as the benchmark, MitchelLake saved TheBroth over $200,000 in six months (less than $20,000 per month).


  • 15 hires in the first three months
  • 23 hires over six months
  • Saved over $200,000 in six months

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